Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Philadelphia Experiment

Alternate title: Brain Dunning and The UFO Hunters Agree!

While aimlessly surfing the web, I stumbled upon not one but two videos about the Philadelphia experiment. I could only take it as a sign. Time to finally put up a new blog post. One was posted by Brian Dunning as part of his new video podcast series, inFact, the other was put up by the History Channel's UFO Hunters. What is most interesting is that both of them agree, the Philadelphia experiment was a hoax. Well, either a hoax or just a delusion. You can watch the two video clips and come to your own conclusion. While it was easy to imbed the inFact video, you will have to follow the link to the History channel video here: UFO Hunters — The Philadelphia Experiment — Videos

It should come as no surprise, I agree with the two videos. Now while the government certainly would have done something like the Philadelphia experiment if it could, the technology was not there during WWII and it is not there today (or is it?). The Philadelphia experiment made for an interesting sci-fi film but it has no basis in reality.