Thursday, September 8, 2011

Boiron bullies blogger

I don't know if anyone happened to see the article in the British Medical Journal, but the international maker of homeopathic . . . things, Boiron, threatened an Italian blogger.  The blog in question, B-log(0), had a couple of posts talking about Boiron's successful product, Oscillococcinum and it's lack of any active molecules.  With a name like Oscillococcinum, it's hard to imagine why this stuff hasn't caught on in the states.  Well, when a big company has a few snarky comments made in their general direction by a small blogger, what's the natural things to do?  Shoot them a threatening letter saying their blog was untrue and derogatory and is tarnishing the reputation of the company.  I guess ignoring them and not drawing attention was too much to ask for.
Well, on behalf of threatened bloggers the world over, let me say that homeopathy in general lacks active ingredients and is little more than a mechanism for taking advantage of the placebo effect, not to mention naive consumers.  Sorry, but a legion of layers writing mean spirited letters isn't going to change that.

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